Alleviating Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in Anchorage, Alaska

Alleviating Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in Anchorage, Alaska

Multiple Sclerosis, MS, Extreme tiredness, Dizzy, Dizziness, Weak, Fog, Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis, MS, Extreme tiredness, Dizzy, Dizziness, Weak, Fog, SclerosisMultiple sclerosis, often called MS, is a disease of the central nervous system that is unpredictable and often leaves the sufferer disabled. The flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body is disrupted, leading to a number of different symptoms. Approximately just over 2 million people around the globe have been diagnosed with MS.

Why Does MS Occur?

Myelin is a fatty coating that surrounds the nerves of the central nervous system including the brain and spinal cord. It acts as an insulation that protects the nerves from damage. If a person is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, this means that his immune system has started to attack the myelin creating scar tissue called sclerosis. This damage to the myelin is what causes the nerves to send faulty signals to the brain.

Although what makes this happen is still under debate, an encouraging breakthrough was recently noted. The inventor of the MRI machine, Dr. Damadian, noted that a woman in her 40s who was suffering from MS was relieved of her symptoms after receiving upper cervical chiropractic care. This is a gentle form of chiropractic that does not require forcing or popping the spine into alignment. Why did this method help?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and Multiple Sclerosis

In this particular case, a misalignment was discovered in the bones of her upper neck vertebrae. This was disrupting the flow of cerebrospinal fluid that has the job of removing waste products from the brain and delivering the needed nutrients. The adjustment given by the upper cervical chiropractor realigned these bones, allowing all systems to begin functioning at their optimum. Once this happened, the woman had a complete remission of her symptoms of MS.

Another study conducted in 2004 included 44 patients who had MS. After they had received similar care through upper cervical chiropractic care, most of them reported seeing a vast improvement in their symptoms.

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