Back Pain

Back Pain

Sciatica Leg Pain and Persistent Back Pain


The Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic in Mt. Horeb, WI

Sciatic leg pain, persistent back pain and spinal disc injuries tend to respond well to Gonstead Technique in Anchorage, AK. The Gonstead System is widely recognized as one of the safest and most complete biomechanical chiropractic analysis used by today’s chiropractors. This technique isn’t universal because it takes time and dedication to perfect the specific adjustments required to make this technique effective and results long lasting. After a severe back injury threatened to disable him as a young man, Dr. Pairmore was cured by this well founded and highly reliable Gonstead technique. At that point he dedicated his future education and practice to providing the highest level of competent Gonstead technique possible. He is dedicated to helping others just as he was once helped. Dr. Pairmore has been practicing Gonstead Technique in Alaska for over 12 years to detect any problems in the spine, otherwise known as the vertebral subluxation complex. Dr. Pairmore has also been on chiropractic mission trips to serve people who may have never received the benefit of care overseas.

As your Anchorage Gonstead chiropractor, Dr. Pairmore will proceed with five skilled steps of evaluation:

• Visualization: Using this technique, we will be able to determine if there are any issues with your posture or movement, which could be signs of a more serious problem.

• Instrumentation: We use a tool known as a Nervoscope (thermo-electric imaging) to detect the presence of heat anomalies along the spine that could be the sign of inflammation or nerve pressure. This is a critical tool in our treatment protocol.

• Static Palpation: A sensory technique that detects swelling, tenderness or abnormalities along the length of your spinal column while it is at rest.

• Motion Palpation: Similar to the static palpation technique, the motion palpation technique tests for abnormalities while the spine is moving as it normally does throughout the day. As your Anchorage Gonstead chiropractor, we will be able to determine how well your spinal segments fit together and how well your spine moves overall.

• The Gonstead Spinal Adjustment: Unlike commonly available manipulations done by chiropractors, physical therapists and naturopaths in Alaska, the Gonstead Spinal Adjustment address two primary factors.

1. The intervertebral disc structural displacement factor of the subluxation complex.

2. The nerve pressure component of the subluxation complex.

X-Rays: We use x-rays to view the entire structure of your spinal column to rule out pathologies and visualize disc alignment, structural load bearing and damage. We take x-rays with our patients standing up so we can see the body’s alignment in action.

A key factor in the Gonstead System is the invaluable process of pre and post treatment analysis. In order to know that the two treatment goals of disc improvement and nerve pressure reduction were accomplished the Nervoscope reading must be cleared. Without the nervoscope confirmation it can be frustrating for patients as they try to get help. We like objective testing of our work as we go thru the process of evaluating and treating patients who are counting on us to help them.

The Gonstead technique was developed nearly sixty years ago after years of clinical research through 4 million cases by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, the founder of the world renowned Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Now you can benefit from these tried and clinically effective procedures here in Anchorage. Dr. Pairmore and Dr. Young have gone to great lengths to follow “true to form” the procedures Dr. Gonstead taught for your benefit today.drs-in-front

Let the Anchorage chiropractors, Dr. Pairmore and Dr. Young show you how the Gonstead System can get the pressure of your nerves and let your body heal up “from the inside out” as nature meant it to do.

Please feel free to call for a complementary pre-consultation to get your questions answered.


Dr.’s Pairmore and Young in front of the Gonstead Clinic Sept. 2013 Continuing Education