Chiropractic Massage
Chiropractic massage therapists are skilled at assisting the body to heal itself, by using various massage techniques. They are trained to promote blood flow and reduce fluid retention around areas of injury.

Chiropractic Massage   Were you aware that Pairmore & Young: Synergy Chiropractic has 6 massage therapists on staff? If not, please take note, and allow me to inform you about the chiropractic massage available here at Pairmore & Young. Many people think that a massage is a massage. However, there are many different types of massage, for example: deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, myofascial, etc. The many options can make it challenging to figure out what type of massage will work best for you. At Pairmore & Young, the doctors work closely with the massage therapists to give our patients … Continue reading “Chiropractic Massage”

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