Combating Autism in Anchorage, Alaska

Combating Autism in Anchorage, Alaska

Autism, Autistic, Healthy Spine,

Autism, Autistic, Healthy Spine, One major issue that is debated when it comes to autism is whether it is caused by a child’s environment or passed on genetically. Autism caused by cerebral dysfunction due to inherited genes is seen in 40% of children. However, during the growth and maturation of the fetus, it is possible that the genes programming the child can be propelled off course by their environment and trigger autism.

If a child is diagnosed with autism, this means he is unable to process and properly comprehend his environment. During the 10th to the 24th week of pregnancy the genes that cause autism can be triggered. This can also happen from infancy up to age 6.

Environmental Factors Involved with Autism

If an unborn baby is unable to interpret his environment properly, he can become delayed in growth and maturing to the proper degree. In turn, this slow downs the baby’s social abilities. Why does this occur? One major factor that plays a role has to do with how much stress the mother of the baby is under while pregnant. This can be due to illness or infection and is especially detrimental in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the mother to stay very healthy during the 10th to 24th weeks of pregnancy. Contracting an illness can be the trigger that causes the baby to be diagnosed with autism at a later date.

Additional Resources to Help Mom Stay Healthy

An area that a pregnant woman may want to look into to help her remain healthy is that of upper cervical chiropractic care. A tiny misalignment of just ¼ of a millimeter can be enough to hinder communication between the body and the brain. This impedes the function of the immune system. It is especially vital for one who has had an accident or trauma to the head or neck, even if it was minor, to get examined.

At Synergy Chiropractic, we use a gentle, safe technique to realign the bones, and this will help keep the mother healthy in order to give birth to a healthy baby.
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