Drug-free ADHD relief

Drug-free ADHD relief

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ADHD, Attention Span, Children, Attention DeficitResearch Links Bad Sleep with ADHD Symptoms

Several news sources, including the Daily Mail are reporting that some doctors believe that a 3rd of the children that have been diagnosed with ADHD really are suffering with sleep deprivation. Dr. Vatsal Thakkar, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine is one of them.

He has said that sleep deprivation, especially in children, does not cause lethargy, but very similar symptoms to ADHD, including hyperactivity, an inability to focus, aggression and forgetfulness.

The similarity between the symptoms, coupled with many doctors’ poor understanding of sleep disorders, is what is causing the confusion in some patients, says Thakkar.

Numerous studies have shown that many children with ADHD also have breathing problems during sleep. Including a British study of more than 11,000 children published last year found those who suffered breathing problems during sleep in infancy were more likely to have behavioral difficulties later in life.

According to Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert, children today get at least an hour less sleep than they did 100 years ago. Many ten-year-olds do not get the recommended ten hours a night.

But sleep quality is the real concern. Many kids may be sleeping the 10 to 11 hours a night, that’s recommended for school-age children. But the sleep is not the deep restful sleep that is needed.

Drugs Have Proved Inadequate

Prescriptions for Ritalin, the most popular drug for ADHD, have quadrupled in the past decade, with children as young as three taking the powerful medication.

2.7 million kids are now taking medication for ADHD in the United States alone, yet this approach has proved inadequate. In fact, the research is mounting that these mind altering drugs are likely doing more harm than good. One example was the Canadian study that looked at 4000 kids. The boys in the study that were taking the ADHD medications performed worse in school than those that didn’t who had similar symptoms. And the drugged girls in the study reported more emotional problems.

If misdiagnosis and improper treatment is common within the medical community when it comes to children with ADHD symptoms. What should a parent do?

Drug-Free ADHD Relief Is Possible

This link between ADHD and sleep correlates well with the findings of many Upper Cervical doctors. Upper cervical research has shown positive effects in kids who are suffering with ADHD symptoms.

When the upper neck is misaligned due to birth trauma, falls, sports injuries, car accidents or other head or neck traumas, brain to body communication is altered.

This dysfunction in how the brain is working has been linked to a variety of children’s problems, including poor sleep and behavioral problems.

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