Finding Ways to Alleviate Neck Pain Naturally

Finding Ways to Alleviate Neck Pain Naturally

Neck Pain, Neck Ache, Neck Injury, Neck Trauma, Neck Alignment, text neck, texting

Neck Pain, Neck Ache, Neck Injury, Neck Trauma, Neck Alignment, text neck, textingNeck pain is extremely common. In fact, it will afflict 2 out of 3 people at some time, meaning it is nearly as common as back pain. Neck pain is difficult to diagnose and care for because this area of the body houses many blood vessels, muscles, and nerves.

One thing that seems to stand out when it comes to finding out why neck pain occurs is uneven weight distribution of the head. The head can weigh up to 14 pounds and is stabilized by the neck. In order for the head to remain balanced properly, bones and muscles must be in the right place and functioning well. If one of the bones of the upper neck becomes misaligned – even by ¼ of a millimeter – the head becomes imbalanced and places extra stress on the neck as it works to correct this problem.

Where to Find Reliable Help for Neck Pain

Here at Synergy Chiropractic in Anchorage, Alaska, we help our patients with neck pain by making sure nothing is out of place in the uppermost bones of the neck. This is done using precise measurements, imagery, and taking a detailed patient history. We then employ a technique called Atlas Orthogonal that is very gentle and precise. It does not require us to pop or crack the spine. Rather it encourages the bones to move back into place naturally, leading to longer lasting results.

Neck pain is not something to ignore and hope it goes away on its own. A misalignment in the upper cervical spine can eventually lead to all kinds of health problems beyond neck pain. Things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, and vertigo can all be related to a misalignment of the neck. It is important to come see us for a consultation as soon as possible if neck pain is a daily part of one’s life.

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Dr. John Pairmore and Dr. Dennis Young of Pairmore and Young Synergy Chiropractic, in Anchorage, Alaska have 44 years of combined clinical experience. Their anchorage chiropractic clinic is the only office in Alaska that has the specialized Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument. Dr Pairmore and Young also serve Fairbanks, Wasilla, and Eagle River along with the entire state of Alaska. They are uniquely trained to correct problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems, including migraines and other headaches, whiplash and other neck injuries, chronic back pain, sciatica and more. Learn more about our team at