PDD and Autism in Children

PDD and Autism in Children

Autism, Autistic, Healthy Spine,

Autism, Autistic, Healthy Spine, Pervasive Developmental Disorder or PDD is a disorder on the spectrum known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. The cause of this developmental disorder is not clearly known. Most parents will begin to notice symptoms while their baby is around 18 months old. There are several traits that can lead to a diagnosis of PDD.

  • Communication impairment
  • Social interaction impairment
  • Restrictive or repetitive behaviors or limited interests
  • Lack of meaningful communication
  • Does not show empathy
  • Impaired or lacking motor skills

Seeing a little one suffer or have the prospect of suffering is devastating, but not every story has to have a sad outcome. One well-documented case was of a 15-month-old child whose parents noticed the symptoms mentioned above, among other things. Physicians diagnosed him with PDD. An upper cervical chiropractor cared for the infant for five months. The help provided, along with lifestyle changes, showed drastic improvement in the quality of the child’s life. All of those involved with the child’s care also noted the improvements and reported the findings.

Relieving a Child’s Suffering

The care received from the upper cervical chiropractor was focused on the aligning of the uppermost vertebrae in the neck. Misalignment can be traced as a cause of some of these types of conditions, plus a host of others. Ensuring that these protective structures were in their proper place aided in helping the boy’s condition. Rather than having to go through life adapting to PDD, future suffering was curbed. This happy outcome shows that by taking a proactive approach, an improved outcome is possible. If you have a child in your care that could benefit from similar assistance, why not consult an upper cervical chiropractor. The methods are precise and gentle and could potentially lead to a happy result for your little one.
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