Shocking Concussion Link to Alzheimer’s Disease

Shocking Concussion Link to Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior ManConcussions are a common injury in sports, car accidents, and falls, and the damage may not stop at a few hours of wooziness. According to Radiology¸ a medical journal, the neural abnormalities seen in Alzheimer’s patients is shocking similar to that found in an MTBI, or mild traumatic brain injury.  

One reason for this connection that was postulated by the researchers is that concussions create difficulty in focusing on specific sounds. It has been long established that hearing problems increase the risk of the development of Alzheimer’s.  

Another issue that is often set off by a concussion is problems with sleep and wakefulness. This affects memory as well as social function. When these vital aspects of life are affected, the brain reacts negatively. A chain of events is created that leads to faster degeneration of brain activity due to less social activity and the memory problems associated with the injury. As a result, brain activity comes to appear like the changes affecting a person early on in Alzheimer’s.  

How to Treat a Concussion Properly and Reduce Risks  

The biggest issue is that people often treat a concussion as a very temporary condition. If they are okay in the next day or two, they figure everything is fine. The fact is, however, that the concussion may have set in motion a degeneration that can end in Alzheimer’s. How can you know?  

It is always good to have an examination performed by an upper cervical chiropractor after a serious injury such as a concussion. An examination of the top two bones in your upper neck can reveal if a misalignment has occurred. This kind of misalignment can place pressure on the brainstem and cause many of the symptoms that create risk for Alzheimer’s.  

By using the Atlas Orthogonal method to correct the misalignment, your body can regain the ability to start healing on its own from the concussion.  

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