Synergy Chiropractic Takes on the Problem of Ear Infections

Synergy Chiropractic Takes on the Problem of Ear Infections

Ear Infection, Earache, Young Child, Ear Pain, NUCCA Ear Pain

Ear Infection, Earache, Young Child, Ear Pain, NUCCA Ear PainEar infections cause 30 million children to be brought to a family physician each year. WebMD reports this as the number one reason for visits to the pediatrician. The most common suggestion is to take antibiotics; however, the problem has not gotten any better but remains a major health concern. It is heartbreaking for parents to have to watch a child suffer from this painful condition. It causes many to wonder why it is happening and if it can be cared for properly without the use of medication.

The Eustachian tube is located in the middle of the ear and runs to the nasopharynx. If blocked, the fluid in the ear cannot drain. Once trapped, it becomes easy for bacteria to grow and cause an ear infection. Most primary care doctors or pediatricians will recommend antibiotics. This may help if it only happens once or twice, but for children who suffer repeatedly, resistance to antibiotics may occur, which can pose a health risk in the future. In some cases, children have had 12 rounds of antibiotics before the problem cleared up – and all before the age of 2! This may lead to immune system issues. Is there anything else that can help?

Relieving the Underlying Cause of Ear Infections

Often, the reason for ear infections is in the upper neck area. Trauma at birth or tripping and falling can lead to a misalignment in the C1 or C2 vertebra, which can interfere with the drainage of the Eustachian tube. Upper cervical chiropractors have seen much success in helping children find relief from ear issues by correcting this misalignment.

We use a gentle method that does not require us to pop or crack the spine. In fact, the child will barely feel anything. The technique is effective in allowing the bones of the neck to move properly into place, thereby allowing the tubes of the ears to drain normally. The frequency of infection is thus reduced or potentially eliminated.
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