The Effect of a Birth Injury on a Baby

The Effect of a Birth Injury on a Baby

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birth injury, birth injuries, spinal cord injury, spinal cord injuries, newborns, infants, A baby can actually endure a birth injury to the spine. This can be caused by a number of factors. Even something as simple as the mother pushing while lying flat on her back and the doctor assisting by pulling the baby can have a profound effect on the health of the infant’s spine.

Sometimes more intense measures are required during birth, such as using forceps, vacuum extraction, or a C-section. These can easily cause a misalignment in the child’s spine. It is assumed that when a baby is crying, he or she is hungry or needing to be changed. However, it may be due to pain from a misalignment.

If forceps or vacuum extraction is used, 50-70 pounds of force is applied to pull the baby out of the birth canal. When a C-section is performed, the baby is pulled out through a small incision. These methods can often impact a child’s neck and his or her growth and development.

Another factor that may impact a child is the mother’s decision to use Pitocin to induce labor or epidurals to relieve the pain of the birthing process. By moving further away from the natural process of labor, a baby’s is more likely to endure stress and possible trauma.

Correcting the Birth Injury

While it is true that not all babies have trauma at birth, it is a good idea to have children examined by a spinal professional to make sure they are not going through unnecessary pain. An upper cervical chiropractor can examine a baby for any misalignments to his or her neck area. An extremely gentle method is used to correct the misalignment that will not cause any pain for the child and is completely safe. It allows the bones to move back into place naturally.

Spinal misalignments have been linked to such things as colic, ear infections, sudden infant death syndrome, acid reflux, and other neurological conditions. By having the misalignment corrected, the child can lead a happier and healthier life on into adulthood.

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