What One’s Posture Indicates About the Future

What One’s Posture Indicates About the Future

Posture, Ergonomics, Back Pain, Neck Pain

Posture, Ergonomics, Back Pain, Neck Pain Whether or not a person has a healthy spine and correct posture can indicate if he may need nursing home care or other assistance as he ages. If scoliosis is present, there is a greater chance that one will need future care.

The angle at which the spine is curved is the main factor that comes into play when determining how a person’s future will play out. A study done at Toho University located in Japan measured the spines of 800 people by using a non-invasive computer program to determine the angle of the spine. Out of these 800, all over 65 years of age, 58% were women. The researchers concluded that a healthy posture is a positive indicator that a person will be independent for a longer period of time.

The trunk angle of indication is an area on the spine that can show whether daily activities can be done with or without the assistance of others. When this is found in older ones, chances are they are going to need more help than those with a lesser curvature.

How to Have Better Posture

One way to slow down the progression of scoliosis and aid in good posture is to seek the care of an upper cervical chiropractor. At Synergy Chiropractic, we examine patients for misalignments that exist in the bones of the neck.  A misalignment here can cause the spine to compensate for the head being off balance, leading to scoliosis and a number of other health related problems.

We use a gentle method that encourages the bones to move back into place naturally. This allows the healing properties of the body to take over and repair the damage done to muscles and soft tissue, thereby keeping the bones in the proper position. This helps a person to have better posture and better health overall.

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