Your Medication Might Causes Your Headaches

Your Medication Might Causes Your Headaches

headache, migraine, medication, medicine

headache, migraine, medication, medicine


If you suffer from headaches, it’s important to know what type of headaches you suffer from. Knowing that will help you narrow down the cause of your headaches, so you can take steps to seek a cure. Here are some of the more common type of headaches you should know about.

Types of Headaches

Tension Headache – This is the most common type of headache. You’ll know when you have it because you will feel a constant pressure around your head.

Cluster Headache – These effect men more than women and occur on one side of the head. The cause of these headaches is unknown, but it is thought genetics might be a cause.

Sinus Headache – These occur when your sinuses become inflamed, are usually accompanied by a fever, and are often due to sinus infections.

Rebound Headaches – These are caused by the overuse of painkillers for headaches and are another reason why you shouldn’t take medication. Caffeine is an ingredient in many types of headache, so these can occur in people who have an adverse reaction to caffeine.

Migraines – These may occur for many reasons, among which genetics, diet, a concussion or other mild traumatic brain injury, or  other may be a cause. They can last from several hours up to days at a time; and they are often accompanied by symptoms including vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light, or other.

Covering or Curing your Headaches

If you suffer from one of these types of headaches, you can go to the pharmacy or your doctor and find a medication (or switch medications for rebound headaches) to relieve your pain. But medication will only cover your symptoms.

Rather than just covering your symptoms, it’s important that an upper cervical specialist examine you. They can determine what type of headache you suffer from and make any adjustments to your top two vertebrae that may be a factor in causing your headaches.

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