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Sheena Pio

Sheena has been with Pairmore & Young for 4 years now, and is our current office manager. She grew up in Anchorage and received her BA in Kinesiology from the University of Hawaii. She believes that taking this job was a good way to use her degree, and the experience has been so positive that it has led her to start on her Master’s Degree in Business. Sheena hopes to one day become an athletic director for a Division II school, which was inspired from her own athletic experience.


Sheena does an outstanding job of keeping the clinic flowing smoothly, the products and paperwork up to date, and everyone on task. She very much enjoys getting to know the patients, and helping them out with the insurance and scheduling, the best she can. She emphasizes that Pairmore & Young: Synergy Chiropractic is not a run-of-the-mill chiropractic clinic. The doctors’ procedures are all science-based–where they treat the “person”, NOT just the symptoms–and they are very thorough with the details of each individual. She believes that our patients are truly in good hands with our outstanding doctors!

Allysha Meyer

Allysha came to Pairmore & Young as a patient with a history of seizures and migraines first, and then once she was feeling better, she welcomed the opportunity to work here as well. She was particularly attracted to the caring, professional environment, and being part of a “team” whose mission is to help other people feel better.


Being one of four valuable Chiropractic Assistants, Allysha has worked here for 3 years now. She grew up in Tok, Alaska, and studied nursing at UAA for three years before joining the Pairmore & Young team. She is primarily Dr. Young’s assistant, however, she assists the doctors and staff wherever she is needed, by sharing her smiling face and reassuring demeanor, doing screening exams, x-rays, patient notes, and appointment scheduling.


Allysha demonstrates every day that chiropractic care can have a huge impact on one’s life. She has not only experienced relief from seizures and the constant pain of migraines, but she has been able to distance herself from numerous medications with negative side effects. Allysha feels a sense of joy when coming to work now, and is grateful that she has her life back!

Sinivevela "Sini" Aho

Sini, (pronounced Seenee), as she’s called, is a recent addition to the growing Pairmore & Young chiropractic assistant team. She is a quick learner and brings a level head and calming presence to the front desk staff. Her tasks include greeting our patients with a welcoming smile, providing phone and office support for scheduling, as well as answering the numerous inquiries about insurance and treatment procedures.


Sini was inspired to work here because of the uplifting and warm atmosphere that has been created for both the staff and patients alike.


Sini has lived in Anchorage for 20 years, where she graduated from West High in 2009, and is currently attending UAA. She is a business management major, and plans to go into event coordinating. Sini lived abroad for 3 years, and traveled through Europe, Asia, and South America. She plans to continue exploring different countries and cultures when the opportunity arises.

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Britany Gilmer

Britany spent her youth growing up in California, but ended up moving to Alaska in 1998, where she graduated from Bartlett High in 2005. Besides working for Pairmore & Young as a new CA, Britany is currently a phlebotomist for APD, a CPR instructor, and working to complete EMT training. She is always trying to expand her skill base. Her goal is to eventually go back to school to become a registered nurse.



As a chiropractic assistant, Britany offers a welcoming smile and a calming presence, and is quite comfortable working on the computer, or dealing with the public. Her work duties include scribing or taking notes for the doctors, front desk duties to support and navigate patients through the clinic, and being a contributing and motivated team member overall.



Britany is a very caring, warm hearted individual, and enjoys cooking, being active, having family gatherings, and do-it-yourself projects. She takes pride and strives for excellence in whatever she engages in.

Michayila Joy Kairos

Michayila graduated from the University of Alaska in 2003, with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, and an Associate’s degree in Youth/Disabilities. She grew up in Anchorage but returned in 2015 after living in Colorado, New York, and Texas for the past 12 years.


Michayila joined Pairmore and Young as a clinical chiropractic assistant with a passion for radiology and medical/chiropractic care. Her experience as a medical receptionist, nursing student, and handling insurance verification and medical records brings a wealth of knowledge to our growing staff. She enjoys getting to know patients and helping them feel better, and has future aspirations to continue her education and research into the area of radiology and would eventually like to work with athletes in the world of sports medicine.


In her spare time, Michayila keeps busy both indoors and out by enjoying tap dancing, running, traveling, photography, and baking.

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Jade Schmitz

Although Jade was born in Alaska, she grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she graduated from Eugene Ashley High School in 2016. In August of 2017, Jade decided it was time for an adventure and to see something new, so she consequently packed up everything she owned and moved 5000 miles north to Anchorage!


Prior to working at Pairmore & Young, Jade worked in the retail world, and as a barista.  Her duties currently include scheduling appointments, taking payments, checking patients in and out, as well as keeping up on the laundry for our 8 massage therapists.


Traveling seems to be Jade’s number one interest, as she aspires to one day become a flight attendant and eventually travel the world.

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Hanna Pairmore

Hannah has grown up in Anchorage over the past 16 years and will be graduating from Dimond High School in the spring of 2019.  She is currently new to the working world but is ever so valuable to our massage therapists.  She checks patients in and out at the front desk, schedules new appointments, handles the laundry, and so much more!  Hannah admits that she is gaining “tons” of experience working here and is excited about continuing to learn and grow her skills.


In her spare time Hannah loves listening to music, playing with her dogs, and traveling.  She intends to graduate from college with a degree in either biology or psychology, and then attend medical school to study either dermatology or psychiatry.  Her future certainly looks bright!

chiropractors anchorage alaska

Jodee Marie Bastani

Jodee joined our team as a front desk administrator, and proudly states that she is a born and raised Aleut Alaskan Native who grew up in Anchorage. She graduated from West High School in 2013.  Jodee loves anything medical—especially surgical procedures—and aspires to become a medical assistant one day to help the communities in our Alaskan villages become healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Jodee comes to us with her infant child, and adult CPR certification, MANDT training, and with a wealth of experience in customer service, patient support, scheduling, and coordination duties.


Being one of 12 siblings, Jodee enjoys interacting and spending time with her extended family.  She also enjoys painting as a hobby, and the warm and fuzzy company of cats and dogs.

Janna Hardy

Janna is the Communications Director here at Pairmore & Young Synergy Chiropractic, and has experience owning, operating, and promoting her own business for 15+ yearsin addition to having an extensive photography background. Janna is outgoing and engaging, and concentrates on sharing the many benefits of chiropractic and specifically the Atlas Orthogonal technique with medical professionals and the general public alike. She also oversees the extensive marketing and promotion direction for the clinic and looks forward to helping people discover how Pairmore & Young: Synergy Chiropractic can optimize one’s personal health and wellbeing, and improve quality of life.