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If you’ve ever had a migraine, you’re probably cringing at the thought of having a recurrence. Just a few of the symptoms presented by migraines include intense pain, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, feeling nauseated followed by vomiting. Quite a few migraine sufferers also experience numbness, a tingling sensation, visual disturbances, including auras and in some cases having difficulty communicating. One of the most devastating parts of having a migraine headache is how long they can last – anywhere from hours to several days.


As medical doctors and chiropractors, discover more about migraines and other headaches, they’re finding impressive ways to address the pain before it even starts, as well as prevent it from recurring. Migraines, tension headaches, cluster and stress headaches are all health related issues that are commonly treated with invasive surgery or drugs.


Migraine Triggers


There are a number of factors that can trigger migraines, including diet, caffeine intake, stress, excessive light and/or sound, fatigue, hormonal changes and smoking. In most cases, these triggers aren’t the root cause of the migraines which makes them difficult to treat.


Prescription Medication Treatments


You probably know by now that there aren’t any migraine medications that are side effect free; most come with serious, potentially dangerous side effects. Fortunately, if the problem is caused by an upper cervical spine misalignment, there is a safe and natural migraine solution that involves gentle Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic adjustments which can relieve the intensity and frequency of the migraine.


Are My Migraines Due to Upper Cervical Spine Misalignment?


Common signs that your migraine problems are linked to upper cervical issues include headaches that start at the base of your skull, your head feels heavy and/or your neck feels tight and painful, you have a history of head and neck injuries, etc. If you have two or more of these symptoms, your migraines are more than likely caused by neck dysfunction. Fortunately, Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic care can help.


Atlas Orthogonal and Migraine Headaches


More and more people are beginning to realize that spinal correction and structural balance are essential for optimum health problems can be addressed correcting the Atlas Subluxation Complex, the misalignment of the head and upper neck. Upper cervical misalignment obstructs the communication process between the brain and body which leads to a wide range issues including stress, tension and pain. These symptoms have the potential of affecting all of the sufferers’ mental and physical activities. It has been proven that many of the symptoms can be reduced or eliminated altogether with the proper correction of the atlas subluxation complex.


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