Anchorage Chiropractor Unveils 6 Excruciating Symptoms of Migraine

June 18, 2023
Anchorage Chiropractor, migraine relief infographic

Migraines can reduce the quality of life because of the severe pain that they cause. Moreover, light, sound, and even smell can be overwhelming for those with sensory sensitivity. Some migraineurs even note stiffness and pain in the neck as well as nausea and vomiting that prevent them from getting enough nutrition. Furthermore, dizziness and vertigo, both common migraine symptoms, can make it hard to keep your balance and move around. Lastly, migraines can be made worse by visual disturbances such as blurring or flashing lights. Learn more about these symptoms from the discussion of our Anchorage Chiropractor.

Anchorage Chiropractor, migraine relief infographic

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