Cost of Chiropractic Care

Healthcare costs in Alaska are some of the highest nationwide. Because of that, we at Pairmore & Young: Synergy Chiropractic do our best to help our patients understand their insurance benefits with regards to the parameters of their chiropractic treatment. We then offer solutions to offset these escalating costs for all of our patients. Our objective is to help our patients—from understanding insurance issues, to getting the necessary treatments– so that they can receive the care they need and deserve to experience optimal health.

A typical new-patient chiropractic exam will run between $400-700, including X-rays. Adjustments are $50-90, depending upon how extensive they are. Various therapies like massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or TENS unit can incur additional charges. These add-on therapies are specific to each individuals’ need or condition, as advised by the doctor treating the patient.

Pairmore & Young specifically accepts all forms of insurance, however, it is your individual insurance plan that determines your individual coverage, and out of pocket costs. These days, most insurance carriers expect you to assume some financial responsibility by contributing to your own “co-pay”, which can be a flat fee, or percentage of the cost of a particular service or office visit. You may call the insurance company yourself to clarify your benefits, or you can give us at Pairmore & Young a call with your insurance information, and we would be happy to verify your coverage. Knowing the details of your insurance plan is the first step to being informed, confident, and realistic about what to expect from your insurance company.

Pairmore & Young: Synergy Chiropractic is a “preferred provider” with Premera and Aetna, which means that we are “in network”. By working with these companies, our patients receive discounts for services rendered, which gives them a higher insurance pay-out for their visits and treatments, versus with a clinic that is “out of network”. Consequently, less money is spent out of pocket for our patients, which is generally viewed as a good thing!

Many people may not be aware that chiropractic care–sometimes referred to as “alternative care”–is currently available for retired Veterans. Since we are a preferred provider for our local VA hospital, veterans can receive up to 20 visits per year through a referral plan from their VA Primary Care provider, with no out of pocket costs. Should the veteran need additional treatment after they have exhausted their annual benefits, we do offer military discounts for their adjustments. Overall, this arrangement with the VA gives our veterans the opportunity to experience quality health care when they are in a time of need.

For our Medicare patients, our clinic is a participating provider, so once the $147 annual deductible has been met, and the initial exam and x-rays have been paid, patients are only required to pay a 20% co-payment for each chiropractic adjustment that Medicare deems as “medically necessary”. To meet those Medicare requirements:

• Your adjustments must relate directly to your specific health complaint,
• Your adjustments must hold the promise of making functional improvements, and
• You must follow your chiropractor’s specific plan for active treatment.

Medicare does not pay for preventative or maintenance care, and does not include other therapies such as massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc.

We also accept Medicaid insurance, if the patient is under 21, or if a patient has both Medicare and Medicaid. In this case, Medicaid is used as the secondary insurance to pick up the 20% co-pay that Medicare does not cover.

Finally, we do offer time of service discounts to patients paying out of pocket, as well as long-term financing. As we stated initially in this article, we truly do want to help our patients receive the care they need to experience optimal health!


~by Janna Hardy and Sheena Pio