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Can Pairmore & Young: Synergy Chiropractic Help Me?


Good question. We have found the best way to answer this is with a face to face informed conversation and pre-evaluation. We call this visit a Complementary Pre-Consultation. We are sensitive to the fact that many times patients have questions about their condition and how our detailed evaluation and specific treatment protocols may work for them.

With the knowledge that thousands of area resident suffer with pain and symptoms that usually respond very well to the procedures we provide, as a community out-reach, we are providing Complementary Pre-Consultations to people who have questions. By reviewing past medical records, x-ray, MRI or CTScan imaging studies along with performing certain functional tests as indicated, the applicability of specific procedures can be reliably determined.

The question? Specifically, will the Atlas Orthogonal procedure, focused non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, Gonstead, Cox Flexion-Distraction Protocol or Activator Methods technique(s) likely benefit your condition?

The Complementary Pre-Consultation includes:


Review of the records you provide.


Interview with the doctor about the problem(s) you are facing.


The doctor will perform a spinal palpation examination identifying segments that show muscular imbalance, swelling or edema, hyper or hypo mobility and pain sensitivity.


A postural exam that not only evaluates visible postural imbalance but provides a static electromyograph (EMG) showing muscular imbalance and compensation on a functional basis.


Once this Complementary Pre-Consultation evaluation is done, you and the doctor will have the ability to better determine if further evaluation and treatment is likely to help you and improve your health condition.

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