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Natural treatment for degenerative disc disease of the spine


Degenerative disc disease (also referred to as arthritis of the spine) is often associated with an accident or an injury. The body parts that are affected are the discs, muscles, and joints that are responsible for keeping the spine in place, which results in a breakdown of the spine itself. When this happens, the spine locks in place, causing increased stress to the muscles, discs, and joints. The more time that passes without giving this issue attention, the worse the problem becomes.


Identifying the exact time this type of impairment happens is difficult to specify, but we are able to make a reliable estimation by examining the amount of damage that has been done to the spine. For those of us who practice upper cervical chiropractic care, we are accustomed to helping patients who have suddenly become aware of their degenerative disc disease. Sometimes the patient can connect the beginning of their problems to a recent auto accident or sometimes to an injury that occurred as many as 15 years in the past. What most patients want to know is whether this condition is reversible or if they should simply learn to cope with it.


Degenerative disc disease relief


At Synergy Chiropractic, our goal is to reverse the damage associated with degenerative disc disease for our patients. If that appears impossible, we are able to stop it from progressing any further. Many times, the root of the problem is actually in the neck area and is caused by a misalignment of the atlas and axis vertebrae, the top two vertebrae of the spine. When these are out of alignment, they cause the rest of the body to compensate. Setting them right allows the rest of the body to correct itself, finally putting over-stressed muscles, tendons, and discs at ease.


Once we administer a gentle correction to the misalignment, the body is able to return to its normal function. The problems related to degenerative disc disease often are alleviated. Many patients experience whole-body benefits in regard to health and wellbeing after receiving these gentle neck adjustments.



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