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Managing occasional neck pain is common to many people. The causes range anywhere from sleeping in a bad position, sitting at a desk for long periods of time, or experiencing a car accident. Usually neck pain improves over time, but for those with chronic discomfort, it can greatly impact their quality of life daily.


Often times, long-time sufferers are provided with medications to manage the pain, giving them short-term relief and the inconvenience of pharmaceutical side effects. This has led to a movement towards more natural ways to alleviate discomfort. One interesting method for managing neck pain is eating certain foods that have been found to help. They are as follows:

  • Berries alleviate inflammation and are rich in antioxidants.
  • Turmeric decreases the protein that causes inflammation.
  • Garlic has been shown to have similar results as a NSAID, closing the pathways that cause inflammation.
  • Ginger lessens inflammation, specifically in the intestines.


Addressing the Root Causes of Neck Pain


While these foods have amazing attributes, they will not entirely curtail all neck pain symptoms. This is where the professional help of an upper cervical chiropractor can help provide the care needed for such symptoms. Our chiropractors at Synergy Chiropractic are thoroughly trained to find the type of misalignments that often result in neck pain. We create a unique treatment plan specific to meet each of our patient’s needs.


We use gentle forms of treatment, coaxing the spine into its proper alignment without the need of contorting or popping the neck. Instead we let the body restore itself, naturally fixing itself of any injury of the muscle or the neck’s soft tissue. The result is resumed blood flow and connective function between brain and body, improving the patient’s quality of life overall.


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