What to expect from the “New Patient” visits

Entering a new medical establishment can sometimes feel a bit intimidating and overwhelming. At Pairmore and Young: Synergy Chiropractic, we appreciate that you have chosen to come to us for your pain assessment, or as a part of your integrative health plan, and make every effort to make you feel welcome and comfortable, while being as thorough as possible.

We’ve decided to break down the “New Patient” experience, and tell you exactly what you can expect when you walk through our doors for the first time. Please read below for specific details.

The First, “New Patient” Visit

Pre-arrival notes:

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first, “New Patient” appointment, and expect to spend about an hour of your time at the clinic.
  • Feel free to bring along any MRI’s, X-rays, or notes you may have from another doctor, for our doctors to review.
  • Be prepared to put on a medical robe and shorts, or wear comfortable yoga-style pants that are free from metal or plastic closures and decorations; please also remove all metal hair clips, piercings and jewelry that you might be wearing, to make the X-rays readable and the process go more smoothly.

Once at the clinic:

  • Upon entering the clinic, you will be greeted by someone from our staff, have your picture taken, and request your I.D. and insurance card, to make a copies for our records and to establish your insurance benefits. Once your benefits have been established, we will take time to review them with you.
  • We will then give you some intake paperwork to fill out—if you haven’t already downloaded them from our website—requesting a detailed health history, insurance information, and a HIPAA signature request on policies and procedures. Please understand that the more information you provide about your current health status and any physical challenges, the better we can understand the big picture to get you the help you need.
  • Once your paperwork is complete, the doctors’ assistant will take you back to the exam room to take your vitals: i.e., blood pressure, pulse, height, and weight, and have you change into a gown for the exam, motion tests, and X-rays. Please make sure you remove everything you are wearing except your underwear, including earrings and necklaces.
  • The doctor will then come in to review the intake forms with you, perform an examination and consultation, and recommend which spinal screening is needed. The assistant will perform the range of motion test, the static EMG, and ultimately lead you over to the X-ray room. Very specific X-rays will be taken, which the doctors will verify before you leave the room, and then let you know what to expect at the second visit. Once your films are verified, you will change out of the robe and be escorted up front to the front desk for check out. Typically, you will not receive an adjustment at this first appointment, as the doctors need time to carefully review the X-rays and notes. The exception to this adjustment schedule would be if someone has traveled from out of town and is doing a series of condensed appointments in a short amount of time.
  • Once at the front desk, you will schedule your “report of findings” appointment, usually within a day or two, which is when you will receive your first adjustment.