“Report of Findings” Visit

What to expect from the second, report of findings, visit.

  • Plan to spend 30 to 45 minutes at this appointment, depending upon the required therapies for treatment.

  • Upon entering the clinic, you will be greeted by someone from our staff, and will then be asked to set up your personal log-in number on our iPad—which is typically your phone number–in order to check in at future appointments.

  • Next, you will be asked to complete an assessment survey on the iPad as to your current status of functionality. We will ask for this approximately every 30 days as part of our insurance protocol, as well as for the doctors to review as applicable.

  • The doctors’ assistant will then take you back to an exam room.

  • If we have not yet verified your insurance and gone over your benefits with you, we will do so at this time.

  • A doctor will then meet with you to go over the range of motion screening, static EMG, and X-ray results, and offer recommendations about how to proceed with a treatment plan, and ask for your consent to proceed.

  • Once the treatment plan is agreed upon, the doctor will provide the first adjustment.

  • Post-X-rays will be taken after the first adjustment, in order to confirm that a noticeable structural change has occurred in the spine or neck.

  • When the adjustment is complete, the doctor may recommend some additional treatments of muscle simulation, ultrasound, or laser treatment to be applied, in which case the assistant will take you to the treatment area and set you up accordingly. Heat and ice packs may also be suggested, for clinic or home use.

  • Upon completion of your therapies, you will check out at the front desk by providing payment for services, and/or scheduling your next appointment.

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