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Most commonly known as whiplash, a neck strain happens when there is damage to the neck, muscles, or tendons. It is easy to think whiplash can only happen because of a major car accident, but it only takes a collision at five MPH to cause a neck strain.


Of course, that means that a person can suffer from this type of neck injury even when they are outside of their vehicle. They can experience it because of a sports-related injury, a fall, a physical altercation, or any other injury that causes the muscles to extend beyond their normal range of motion.


Now there is a pretty good chance that you will experience whiplash if you haven’t already. And if you have had it, there is a chance that you may experience it again. But there is something you can do right now to get rid of the pain you might suffer from right now, or ensure that you won’t suffer from pain because of whiplash in the future.


Here is a list of steps you can take to ensure your healing


Healing from Whiplash

  • Ice – Place ice on the injured area for 20 minutes every three to four hours for the first two or three days. This will reduce the pain and swelling in your neck. It’s also important that you wrap the ice pack in a paper towel to prevent frost bite.
  • Moist Heat – Don’t do this after those first two or three days of icing your neck. Moist heat will restore the blood flowYou should only do this after the two or three day period of icing. The purpose for this is that the ice helps reduce the swelling, and the heat restores the blood flow.
  • Upper Cervical Chiropractic – This is a type of chiropractic that focuses on aligning the top two vertebrae in your spine, also called your upper cervical vertebrae. An upper cervical chiropractor can examine your neck for any misalignments in those top two bones in your neck, which are the most susceptible to injury.


Your Upper Cervical Spine and Whiplash


Now, while it is tempting to think that you only need to use ice and heat  to heal from whiplash, it’s important that you not rely on those alone. You will definitely not want to take extra sympathy on yourself and only use heat, as that will only make the injury worse. It is important that you allow an upper cervical chiropractor to examine your upper neck vertebrae for any misalignments, as it only takes a misalignment of ¼ of a millimeter to place enough pressure on the brainstem to hinder communication between the brain and the body. And if the brain can’t communicate with the body properly, that can lead to all sorts of health problems.


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