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Whiplash and motor vehicle accidents

Waiting for months or years to properly treat a traumatic neck injury can allow the injury to become permanent.

I have taken care of thousands and thousands of patients who were injured in motor vehicle accidents. Many of these patients had been recently injured and I regard them as the lucky one. Not lucky to be in an accident but lucky to have enough persistent symptoms to be in my office right away.

We can be successful in these cases but the sooner it is treated the better the chance of great outcomes. Unfortunately many people never realized until years later that the seemingly mild injuries they sustained would cause them trouble years later. In this day and time, thankfully we have the diagnostic tools (research grade infrared thermal imaging, electromyography, Thermo-electric differential analysis and digital x-ray) to literally map in full color the injuries sustained in these accidents and document them. Once documented, we can use the same instrumentation to verify the correction of the problem objectively. Though not well known this sort of documentation is backed up by over 3,000 Indexed studies and 35 years of research. I always like hearing that patients feel better but when it comes to these types of neck and back injuries I want to “see” that it is better!

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chiropractors anchorage alaska back pain
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