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Tired of being in pain? Looking for results? Pairmore & Young are the only Anchorage Chiropractors using the innovative Atlas Orthogonal and COX Flexion-Distraction techniques.

Take advantage of a complementary pre-consultation today and start the path to healing.

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The complementary pre-consultation includes:

  • An interview with the doctor
  • A spinal palpation examination to identify muscular imbalance, swelling or edema, hyper- or hypo-mobility, and pain sensitivity
  • A postural exam to evaluate visible postural imbalance and provides a static electromyograph (EMG) showing muscular imbalance and compensation

Once the pre-consultation evaluation is complete, you and the doctor will be able to determine if further evaluation and treatment—including the innovative Atlas Orthogonal and COX Flexion-Distraction techniques—is likely to improve your condition.

Only Pairmore & Young practices innovative chiropractic care in the Anchorage area

The Cox Flexion-Distraction Technique is a non-surgical, hands-on spinal manipulation performed by a chiropractic back pain specialist with the patient lying on The Cox Flexion-Distraction table, a specially designed chiropractic instrument. This table permits the effective administration of flexion-distraction and spinal decompression adjustment and manipulation. The Cox Flexion-Distraction Technique is ideal for managing conditions that cause low back and leg pain, as well as neck and arm pain.

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique is a gentle, effective approach to renewed health and relief of discomfort without manipulation. Atlas Orthogonal treatment is ideal for back, neck, legs, arms, head, and joint pain caused by an imbalance in the spinal column. A specially engineered instrument that uses less force than other chiropractic techniques helps to accurately re-position the atlas vertebra.

Only Pairmore & Young takes chiropractic care to this next level

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