Chiropractor in Anchorage Shares Key Back Pain Relief Tips for Gamers

When back pain becomes too much to handle, gamers often find their performance declining — or even worse, decide to cut back on their gaming time. Hate getting stuck in this situation? Let's help you get back into your A-game with the help of our quick guide. Also, make sure to read up to the […]

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The Best Natural Remedies for Meniere's Disease in Anchorage

Many people suffering from Meniere's Disease find it easy to lose hope in ever finding relief due to the characteristics of their vestibular condition. Luckily, we've got a list of 5 natural relief options that are sure to help reduce the severity of the symptoms. Our Upper Cervical Chiropractor would also like to highlight another […]

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Atlas Orthogonal for Migraine Relief: How Does it Work?

How many times have you found yourself locked away in a dark room, seeking solace from the world's harsh light, while life continued to spin outside? How many celebrations have you missed as your body and mind succumbed to the whims of an invisible foe?  Migraines can be more than a mere inconvenience; they have […]

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Anchorage Chiropractor Shares Insight About Neck Pain

Before constructing a care plan for your neck pain, its causes must be identified first. Determining the underlying problems contributing to your pain will help you choose the best remedy. Check out what you need to know about neck pain and connect with our established Anchorage Chiropractor for the best course of action! Visit Pairmore […]

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Anchorage Chiropractor Unveils 6 Excruciating Symptoms of Migraine

Migraines can reduce the quality of life because of the severe pain that they cause. Moreover, light, sound, and even smell can be overwhelming for those with sensory sensitivity. Some migraineurs even note stiffness and pain in the neck as well as nausea and vomiting that prevent them from getting enough nutrition. Furthermore, dizziness and […]

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Can Whiplash Lead to Sciatica? An Upper Cervical Perspective

Are you finding it challenging to move without feeling a jolt of pain in your lower back? Are you experiencing a nagging discomfort that radiates from your lower spine to your leg? Have these symptoms started after a whiplash injury? If your answers are a resounding 'yes', then you might be dealing with sciatica resulting […]

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Anchorage Upper Cervical Chiropractor Shares Natural Option for Back Pain

Back pain sufferers tend to rely a lot on medication for a dose of temporary relief. Do you happen to do the same? If you’re looking for a way to get a long-lasting way to ease your pain, you might want to address one of the potential root causes of the problem: spinal misalignment. Find […]

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Chiropractor in Anchorage Explains Peripheral and Central Vertigo

Did you know that vertigo attacks are either inner ear or nervous system related? Healthcare professionals refer to these as peripheral and central vertigo, respectively. Get to know the differences that set these two types apart and the associated conditions that fall under each classification. Furthermore, if you’re looking for natural and long-lasting relief, our […]

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Explaining Cervicogenic Dizziness and Upper Cervical Care

Vertigo can be a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Are you one of them? Do you often feel like the world is spinning around you, even when standing still or making minimal movements? Do you feel shaky standing on your feet? Are you constantly worried about falling over or losing your balance? […]

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The Best Way to Get Migraine and Neck Pain Relief in Anchorage

Not a lot of people know that neck pain is a migraine symptom, let alone a risk factor for recurring episodes. Learn more about their crucial connection and how you can address both issues with the help of gentle atlas bone adjustments. It’s never too late to find a source of neck pain relief in […]

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